Research team

  • Dr. Fatihcan Atay
  • Dr. Hatice Bulut
  • Dr. Can Türkün
  • Parvaneh Faraji Dizaji
  • Research outputs

  • C. Türkün, M. Gölgeli and F. M. Atay.A mathematical interpretation for outbreaks of bacterial meningitis under the effect of time-dependent transmission parameters. Nonlinear Dynamics, 111, 14467--14484, 2023.
  • H. Bulut, M. Gölgeli and F. M. Atay. Modelling personal cautiousness during the COVID-19 pandemic: a case study for Turkey and Italy . Nonlinear Dynamics, 105, 957--969, 2021.
  • Master Thesis of Parvaneh Faraji Dizaji, Modeling the latent period in compartmental epidemiological models . Bilkent University, 2023.
  • Workshop: Mathematical Epidemiology

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    Workshop Photos

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    Dr. Yasemin Özsürekçi.
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    Dr. Ayşegül Taylan Özkan.
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    Dr. Fatihcan Atay.
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    Dr. Burak Akgün.
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    Dr. Meltem Gölgeli.
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    M.Sc. Parvaneh Faraji Dizaji.